About Find me a Locum

Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit  

We understand, as health and care decision-makers, you want to make a difference – for both patients and services to develop an all-round healthier community. NHS Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit (MLCSU) will help you achieve your goals and deliver the healthcare support you are looking for.

Our Vision: 

To be pivotal in fully supporting the delivery of major improvements in health and wellbeing 

Our size and scale enable us to provide the bold innovation, ideas, service resilience and the confidence to face your challenges and opportunities with you. Our teams of experts are ready to support you. Everything we do is designed to give you the professional backing you are looking for – whenever and wherever you need it. We understand and share your aims, and we know our business inside and out. 
Our clients, including clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), hospital trusts, local authorities, integrated care systems (ICSs) and other public bodies trust us to work with them to make important things happen. 
We are an organisation with a unique geographical reach and experience in serving diverse urban and rural populations and facing a range of commissioning challenges. Ten of England’s sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs) already benefit from our expertise. 
We provide end-to-end support to health systems. Fifty clinical commissioning groups, covering one-quarter of England’s population with a total healthcare spend of £14.9billion, ten health systems and diverse clients from the public sector and government already benefit from our expertise. We employ 1,600 staff, many of them leaders in their field.
We are ready to help you meet today’s NHS and social care challenges. Plus… our decades of collective senior NHS experience lends support to the most challenging or ambitious of system integration plans.Whether it’s really strong commissioning or business support, such as payroll and contract management… or strategic data analysis, thinking and shaping, for example in service change or digital expertise from our Digital Innovation Unit who developed the ‘Find Me a Locum’ App. 


Contact MLCSU: Email: midlands.lancashire@nhs.net  


DIGITAL INNOVATION UNIT  - Leading digital innovation from within the NHS    

The Digital Innovation Unit is an award-winning not-for-profit service, born from the NHS. We use technology to improve health and care – helping commissioners, health and care providers and Government to develop innovativedigital solutions to some of the NHS’s greatest challenges. From building a real time command and control system, to developing a GP locum finder, our ground-breaking work is transforming the NHS. In a climate of increased demand and limited resources, our impartial, evidence-driven team of digital experts are helping the NHS to reduce costs and improve patient care. 


Born of the NHS 

The Digital Innovation Unit was established in 2012 to improve the development and implementation of cutting-edge digital services within the NHS. 

Faced with increasing demand and limited resources, we believe that many of the NHS’s greatest problems can only be solved by better utilising technology to reduce costs and improve patient care. 

Restless for change, we assembled some of the NHS’s most talented digital specialists and formed the Digital Innovation Unit – a team of sector-leading Developers, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Digital Technologists and Strategy Leaders.  

Operating as part of the NHS Midlands and Lancashire CSU, our team adopts an agile development process and boasts a wealth of knowledge in digital infrastructure, cyber security, business analysis, research and development and NHS IT systems – helping GPs and health and care providers to find new opportunities to help patients and revolutionise their services. All our work is informed by evidence and rigorously tested. 

Where NHS IT infrastructure projects have long had a reputation for cost and complexity, the Digital Innovation Unit aims to simplify technology and use the right tools for the job – whether that means implementing or customising existing digital systems, or building bespoke solutions.As a not-for-profit, our fees are considerably lower than our private sector competitors, and because we’re part of a CSU, our clients’ investment remains within the NHS economy. And, as an even greater incentive, we often shareintellectual property and financial returns with our clients. 

As the NHS grapples with the digital challenges oftomorrow, we are ready to play our part – increasing efficiency, lowering costs and, above all, changing livesby improving patient care. 




Contact Us at:   Email: mlcsu.digitalinnovations@nhs.net     Twitter: @digital_innov